Jack Ball

Born 1986 on Darramuragal Country/ Sydney
Lives and works in Boorloo/Perth

Jack Ball works with photography and collage to create performative and intimate imagery.

They have been part of exhibitions such as the pleasurable, the illegible, the multiple, the mundane, Artspace, Sydney (2021); New Matter: Recent forms of Photography, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney (2016), Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney (2013) and Here&Now17: New Photography, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth (2017). Ball’s work is held in the collections of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art Gallery of Western Australia, University of Western Australia and Artbank. They completed an MFA at RMIT in 2012 and a PhD at Curtin University in 2021.



Night diver,  2021
installation with multiple inkjet prints on gloss and rag, powder-coated aluminium pipes
110 x 330 cm (approx.)
Courtesy the artist and sweet pea, Perth

Jack Ball’s Night diver (2021) continues the artist’s ongoing interest in collage as an approach to trans and queer representation. For Ball, the ‘messiness’ afforded by collage forms a challenge to dominant ideas of order and stability; a metaphor for trans and queer representations that are in the process of un-doing and re-making, which do not seek resolution or adhere to popular ideas of authenticity.

Slumped across two aluminium framing devices, a layered selection of intensely saturated colour photographs – un-uniform in size, stretched and distorted – are brought into dialogue with one another. Their subjects include both bodies and landscapes, shot from a distance or otherwise in intimate close-up, on both high-res digital and grainy analogue film. Some forms appear familiar – outdoor plastic chairs, palm trees, suburban gardens – but are obfuscated by a blurry depth of field, crunchy film grain, or obscured by other imagery. Night diver thus gives visibility to a narrative or understanding of identity and place from an abstracted, queer perspective.